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Folks Hess, PLLC: Mesa Divorce Attorneys

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Mary Ann Hess talks about litigation and the importance of spouses retaining control of their situation and making good decisions about their future (0:36)


Mary Ann Hess, Divorce Attorney

Resolution Options

  • Affordable Fee Options: Mary Ann Hess helps you gain a measure of cost certainty through a variety of legal fee options.

Coaching Services

If your situation holds the potential for "do it yourself" divorce, you may benefit from a "coaching" session with Mary Ann Hess to discuss divorce planning, document review, the parties' rights and responsibilities in divorce, and other pertinent issues.

Negotiated Settlements

In negotiation, Mary Ann Hess can work with you to focus your goals, educate you on possible outcomes, and help you develop creative, personalized solutions to your unique circumstances. Mary Ann will not escalate the conflict in your dispute and will work hard to create an amicable and results-oriented relationship with everyone involved in the process.

Negotiation is often useful in premarital agreements, paternity, divorce, adoption, custody, marital property, child support, and spousal maintenance disagreements. Negotiation is offered on an hourly fee basis with a retainer deposit.


A potential option for people who have a hard time negotiating with one another is to choose binding arbitration or “private trial.” Arbitration allows you both to present your side of the story to a an experienced family law practitioner, along with evidence and witnesses, as in a trial, but in a less formal environment. Arbitration is not only less structured; it is also completely private and confidential and can be accomplished quickly. The arbitrator's decision forms the basis of your decree or Court orders.