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Mary Ann Hess, Divorce Mediator

Your Future in Your Hands, Not the Court's

In mediation, a skilled professional tries to help the parties reach an agreement. The mediator is neutral, not an advocate for either side. When circumstances permit, mediation may be the preferred way to resolve disputes related to your divorce.

Divorce attorney Mary Ann Hess is a skilled negotiator whose mediation services can help you and your spouse resolve Arizona divorce and family law disputes while avoiding the adversarial environment of a courtroom. Additionally, it places the decision and results directly in your hands.

  • Affordable Fee Options: Mary Ann Hess helps you gain a measure of cost certainty through a variety of legal fee options.

Mary Ann encourages a team approach and welcomes the input of your business and financial professionals, children’s therapist, and others as part of the decision-making process.

Mediation can often relieve the tension generally associated with going to court, and it can facilitate future communication between you and your spouse, enhancing the possibility for an amicable relationship after your divorce decree is granted.

Mediation is equally successful for creating cohabitation agreements and premarital agreements, paternity, divorce or legal separation, developing parenting plans, and all post-decree issues. If mediation fails, you or your spouse can still look to the courts for a ruling on the issues that must be resolved before your decree can be granted.